Monday, March 2, 2015

Monkey Bread Muffins Recipe

I feel I should start with a disclaimer that I am not much of a cook. I have a very small rotation of meals that I can make consistently, and they involve a lot of dumping, stirring, and serving. Nothing gets too complicated around here. Many of my seasonings come out of packets, and in this example the biscuits come out of cans. But don't let that deter you because these are the Unless you are a health nut or committed to a diet, because this ain't no weight watchers' recipe, folks. 

This recipe is so insanely easy. The basics came from two different recipes from Pilsbury, but I combined and adjusted them to make a smaller batch using just one can of biscuits. This recipe makes 8 good sized muffins (1 biscuit=1 muffin), and they reheat just fine for a Sunday morning before church. 

Monkey Bread Muffins

One 16.3 oz can biscuits (I use honey butter)  
1/4 c. granulated sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon 
1/2 stick butter 
1/4 c. (heaping) brown sugar

Preheat oven to 350°. Spray 8 cups of a muffin pan with nonstick spray. Cut each biscuit into fourths. 

Mix cinnamon and granulated sugar in a medium bowl. Roll quartered biscuits in the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Place four pieces in each muffin cup.

 Melt the butter and mix with brown sugar. Pour 1 tablespoon over each "muffin". 

Bake for 13-15 minutes. 

Enjoy with a big glass of milk. 

And don't be fooled. I eat two of these babies at a time. 

*The baking time seems to vary each time on these. I set my first timer for 13 minutes, and then I set timers at 2 minute increments after that until the inside is done when I lift up on one of the pieces.

*Don't leave them to cool in the muffin tin. They get really sticky really fast, and this make them more difficult to get out of the tin.

*Don't make these for breakfast and then leave the dirty tin sitting in the kitchen all day while you shop at IKEA and have lunch with your guy. This stuff sets up like glue, y'all. You will regret it...especially if you have to hand wash dishes like this girl. 

Now go get the stuff to make these, so you can have them for breakfast tomorrow! 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Funk

February Funk n. 
a state of blah; lack of motivation that occurs in the second month of the year, resulting from cold weather, lack of sunlight, and longing for fresh flowers. 
"I have accomplished very little this month because I have been caught up in the February Funk." 
synonyms:a (state of) depression, a bad mood, a low, the dumps.

I know I am not the only one feeling this. Right? Tell me it isn't just me. 

I am sure I must feel it every year, but good grief, folks. This is getting ridiculous. It is that feeling where I want to do and make and change and fix and grow...but I just can't seem to find the motivation. I have all of these inspiring ideas, but all I want to do is lay on the couch wrapped in blankets with food and a Diet Dr. Pepper. 

I have dreams of garden planning, business happenings, rearranging furniture, switching wall decor, deep cleaning, getting back to jogging...but I think all of that will just have to be on hold until at least mid-March. 

I just don't have it in me right now. 

So I made cookies. 

Here's to the weekend and hoping Monday brings some new motivations!

Do you experience anything like this? What do you do to get over that hump? 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Be an Encourager


I never truly realized the value of this one word until I became an adult.  As kids we get green ribbons just for participating in the science fair, trophies just for playing t-ball, and a t-shirt just for entering the tournament. We get accustomed to praise and encouragement.

It seems that now, as adults, we need that encouragement more than ever. We don't get awards just for showing up to work, and sometimes, even when we work our very hardest, we feel like no one even notices. After 20 years full of green ribbons and cheerleaders, life happens, and this all sort of stops. Because of this many adults struggle just to keep on keepin' on. 

When I started this post, I came really close to talking specifically about creative adults. And while I do believe it is totally applicable to them, I realized that (duh) it doesn't matter what a person is doing, we all want to know we are doing it well. So why is it so hard to tell someone they are doing a good job? 

I, for one, have been so guilty in the past of just assuming that if someone was doing something I thought was great, someone else probably thought it was great too and was most likely telling them. So, I figured they didn't need to hear my compliments because they had them pouring in daily. 

The truth is, it doesn't matter if you get 2 or 200 encouraging words.

So today if you see someone doing something great, don't hesitate to tell them just how great it is. If you know someone who is just great all around, go ahead and let them know how super you think they are. We don't always think of the effect that a bit of encouragement can have on a person, but think about how it makes you feel? I know without the help and encouragement of some particular girlfriends, I would not have had the confidence to open my Etsy shop. I would not even have had the confidence to keep creating and doing what I love to do if not for their support. It was more valuable than they probably realize, and I am so thankful to have them around.

We all need a little pat on the back every now and then, so next time you see someone deserving of one...don't be stingy. Whether it be a note, a hug, an email or comment, don't hold back. It might just be a time of day when they need it most. You never know.

My new goal? Be an encourager. I don't mean to go tossing around crazy half-hearted compliments to anyone and everyone for every little thing, but a bit of genuine encouragement goes a long way. So if you know someone who is working extra hard, is in slump, or doing something super amazing, pick up your pom poms and make them feel good about themselves. It might just make you feel good too.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Go ahead and own it

Sometimes I hate the internet. 

Okay, so maybe I don’t because I would need to look something up in the first 1.5 seconds I was without it, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer, but sometimes I feel like it puts so much pressure on people. There are so many beautiful websites, photos, and creative people out there that it is easy to feel like your clothes/house/hair/artwork/job [or anything else imaginable] is inadequate. 

I am here to tell you to stop. 

Even if you aren’t a master do-it-yourselfer, marathon running, vegan chef, gluten free baker with an online craft business who homeschools her kids between her mission trips to Africa…

Stop feeling inadequate. 

Am I the only one that feels like this is what I am looking at sometimes?

Can I get an Amen?

I don’t mean to diminish those successful women who seem to have it all together. More power to them! We [I say "we" because I feel confident in saying that I am not totally alone on this one] just have to get it together and realize that someone else is not the standard for our success. Clearly I deal with this pretty frequently since I have touched on a similar subject before.

I will go ahead and tell myself to stop now too.

But seriously. Whatever you are doing, go ahead and own it. I have made the decision to work my butt off and make things happen instead of just waiting for them to happen. Go ahead. You can do it too. I've got your back.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three adorable, easy ways to display your prints!

I have had several positive comments on the staging of my pieces for my shop, and I am so flattered! Today I thought it would be nice to share a few of the ways that I display my prints around my home. The great thing is that each display is so super easy, inexpensive, and there is no major commitment involved (my favorite part)! You see, one of my favorite things about prints is their versatility. They are an inexpensive way to switch art around for seasons, holidays, or just changing moods. 

The three different displays I often use are frames, clip boards, and washi tape. Easy as that! Each of these displays today will be using the newest print in my shop, and I am very excited about it! The artwork from this piece comes from a custom piece I did for sweet baby Harper. I just knew I had to use the artwork on a piece in my shop. The antlers and peonies were inspired by my bedroom antler project, and the artwork is some of my favorite to date! 

1. Framing

Framing sounds so plain and boring, but it doesn't have to be. While I love the clean, non-distracting lines of a plain white (and don't forget inexpensive!) frame, you can add some cheap washi tape to spruce it up and surround it with your favorite nick-knacks! The tape I used here is actually a masking tape I got from WalMart. It is so versatile, and the color is perfect. I love it using it on the corners of frames, as seen in some of the images in my shop.

Another tip for any vignette: Remember variety. Color variety is up to you and your taste, but try to mix it up with different heights, widths, and depths of objects. That variance keeps it interesting and keeps your eyes moving.

2. Clipboard display 

Clipboards are also a super cheap way to display any piece. I have several of these laying around, and they are great way to display prints when you want to switch them out. You can even stack them up so all you have to do is rotate the prints to your current fave!

3. Washi tape

Another super easy and cheap way is to just stick them the print directly to the wall using washi tape! Since washi tape is usually just sticky enough, you can stick it directly onto the wall with no harm done to your paint job. A couple of times I have had the washi tape to actually come unstuck. A solution to that is rolling masking tape (that is also safe for your walls) and attaching it on the back of the print. Then you can use the washi tape for the cute factor. In this case I used the washi tape to make a small collage of some of my favorite paper items. 

Another way I used the washi tape is to attach my current favorite print to this wooden "canvas" my daddy made me. While everyone may not have a piece like this it could be a chalkboard, old window pane, or even a piece of foam core! The possibilities really are endless. 

I hope this might help get your creative juices flowing. I know I am getting in the mood for Spring, and that means I will be doing lots rearranging and switching things up. I would love see some of you displays and vignettes!